Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha - 30g

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Umami-rich, earthy tones and a delicate sweetness.

Our 100% premium ceremonial grade matcha green tea comes from an early spring harvest in the small tea-farming town of Wazuka, in the Kyoto prefecture of Japan.  Shade-grown for 4 weeks before harvest and stone-ground into a fine powder, our matcha has an umami-rich, earthy flavor profile, with a delicately sweet finish, perfect for usucha or "thin tea."

Matcha is extraordinarily antioxidant-rich, with 20x more so than blueberries or pomegranates, and contains a rare amino acid, L-theanine, that promotes a state of calm, well-being and alertness —without all the nervous, agitated energy produced by coffee.  Matcha also boosts your immune system and metabolism, lowers cholesterol, reduces stress, and detoxifies. Learn more about the health benefits of matcha on our blog.

Net wt. 30g / 1.06 oz


Enjoy matcha in hot or cold blended drinks (e.g., lattes, smoothies and juices), or as a traditional tea, simply whisked with hot water (approx. 175°F).  We recommend at least a ½ tsp of matcha per 3 oz of water.  There are 30 servings in our 30g pouch.


Keep matcha in an airtight container (this pouch!), in a cool and dark cabinet, or in your refrigerator to preserve taste, color and freshness.